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Who is Ting?

Born in the tropical island of Hainan and raised in San Francisco and Beijing, with additional life experiences in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc., I’ve had to pack my life into two suitcases on more occasions than I can count. Having lived in 10 cities before the age of 25, I’ve never had a simple answer to the question “where are you from” or “where’s home.” I guess this rightfully makes me a third-cultured kid. 

My life and travel experiences across the globe along with a background in international affairs have exposed me to the various forces that shape the complexities of the human experience, allowing me to examine our differences only to realize our common humanity.  

One must know where one is from to know where one is going. Thus, I hope to share my experiences along with that of others, who are on the swinging pendulums between worlds and cultures,  through writing and storytelling, to gain better insight into the societal and cultural forces that shape our ever-changing identities. 

“I am not a citizen of the world, I am a citizen of worlds.”

– Tiye Selasi

In This Blog...

You’ll find: 
  • Resources on making sense of cultural identity, navigating the culture map, and living a meaningful life 
  • My experience on the nuances of being third-cultured 
  • Stories from interviews with other third-cultured kids 
  • Observations and musings on current affairs from a #politicsgeek 
  • Travel narratives on interesting places I’ve visited like Tibet, North Korea, West Bank etc. 
I also curate a Medium publication “Asian Voices Matter,” a collection of stories that amplify the voices of Asians and spread awareness on Asian-related issues around the themes of injustice, culture, identity, and trends. 

My Mission...

  • Encourage a new way of thinking about identity and society beyond cultural boundaries and national constraints  
  • Help others better make sense of their identities 
  • Navigate the path to a meaningful life 
  • Peel back the onion on China and what it means to be Chinese in this day and age
  • And most importantly, continue to inspire a longing for adventure and new ways to look at the world both in myself and in others! 🙂